Aftercare is typically not a word that is heard when discussing funerals or memorial services, but it can be incredibly beneficial. By “aftercare,” we mean help offered to those who are grieving after the passing of a loved one. Of course, a loved one will never be forgotten, but we work to provide resources that can help families learn to move forward after a passing.

Depending on the desires of the family and those of the late loved one, our aftercare services aim to:

Choosing The Right Aftercare Program

The right aftercare program can vary depending on the family and their particular situation, which is why we work to personalize the aftercare services that we provide. We may provide directions or information on grief support groups, reach out to family members periodically, or send postcards in remembrance of a loved one.

While funerals are our business, it is much more than just a business to us. Commack Abbey empathizes with your family and we want to do everything that we can to help you ease back into life after the passing of someone precious.