Traditional & Non traditional Funeral Services

Here at Commack Abbey, our goal is to give loved ones the best send-off possible. No matter your faith or preferences, we have numerous funeral options that can be chosen from. Whether you would prefer an open casket, closed casket, or any special faith service, we can accommodate your needs.

We work to make the funeral process as easy as possible by taking care of everything for your loved one. For traditional services, we will handle:


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There are also many additional options that can be added to the service depending on what you would like or to fit the wishes of your late loved one. There is also a direct burial package if you prefer to forego a viewing. We want your focus to be on sending your loved one off, rather than all of the details that can go into a funeral. If you have any questions or would like to begin the funeral process for your loved one, feel free to give us a call.